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MLS Listing Launch Date
MLS Listing Launch Date
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Before We Get Started...

Drop & Go Listing Process

  1. Submit the form on this page or call/email/message the concierge desk to initiate a new listing launch

  2. Submit your phyical paperwork to the concierge desk or PDF files to

  3. Complete your Concierge Drop & Go Call to customize your project.

  4. Review your and approve workplan and invoice.

Recomedned Residential Listing Plan

  • Sign Exclusive Listing

  • Order Staging & Cleaning Services if Needed

  • Book Photography and Video Shoot

  • 7-10 Days Prior to MLS® Launch

    • Install Yard SIgn & Coming Soon Rider

    • Take High-Quality Wide-Angle Shot of Property

    • Request Coming Soon Post + $50 boost

  • 2-3 Days Before Launch

    • Visit Home Prior To Media Day

    • Sign Required MLS Paperwork

    • Measure Home and Write Remarks

    • Capture and Review Media Files

    • Order Flyers, Justled Cards

    • Remove Coming Soon Rider

  • Launch Day

    • Deliver Flyers To Property

    • Social Media Photo Album Post + $50 boost

    • Social Media Video Post + $50 boost

    • Review Webpage, MLS, Posts

    • Share Media With Client

    • Deliver Just Listed Cards

  • Open House

    • Schedule Open House With Concierge Desk

    • Order Extra Flyers & Cards

    • Request a Post & Boost - $50

    • Deliver Cards To Neighbourhood

    • Open House Sign on Property All Week

    • Directional Signs The Day Of