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Market Shifts As Autumn Approaches

Our local real estate market has shifted from an aggressive spring market to a stable and balanced summer market.

Demand for homes in Brantford has risen every month since December, reaching peak levels in June. The number of homes available on the market has plateaued after hitting a high point in May.

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Local Real Estate Market Booming!

The results from the first half of the year are exciting. Sales and new listings are up, along with the average price of homes. Homes are selling for record high price points across the region. The number of homes coming on the market reached a peak in May, while demand for homes continues to rise month after month. If this trend continues, we expect an aggressive autumn market. Premium move-in ready homes are attracting the most attention. Local homeowners should be pleased with stable rising prices. We predict these conditions will continue through the remainder of the summer.

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