Market Shifts As Autumn Approaches

Our local real estate market has shifted from an aggressive spring market to a stable and balanced summer market.


Demand for homes in Brantford has risen every month since December, reaching peak levels in June. The number of homes available on the market has plateaued after hitting a high point in May.


Homes in Paris haven been selling at a consistent pace since May. A large number of new construction homes were listed on the MLS® during April and May causing inventory levels to spike artificially.

Brant County

I’s been business, as usual, out in the county through the first half of the year with incremental increases to supply, demand, and inventory month after month.

Home Prices

Local home prices are reaching new high points monthly. In July the average detached home in Brantford was $455,000 while the average house in Paris sells for $608,000.

In the county, where you get more home and land for your money, the average property costs $690,000.


We expect demand for homes to stay consistent through the autumn market while the number of homes available for sale will decline into the winter.