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Why You Should Always Use A Local Expert

When it comes to selling your homey should always use a local real estate expert - wherever you live. Real estate markets are hyper-local, and to get the best advice, you need a Realtor who has experience in your specific market.

An experienced, local Realtor will know what the buyers are looking for specifically in your community and can market your home directly to them. I local Realtor not only is selling the house but is also selling the community they too love and call home; this is especially important when attracting out of town buyers.

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Maximum Exposure When Selling Your Brantford Home

The MLS (or 'multiple listing service'') is much more than just a database or a website. It'sIt's an agreement between all Realtors to work together to sell your home. That's what makes it so powerful. 

Here's how it works. When you hire a Realtor to sell your home, you will negotiate a fee directly with that Realtor and their brokerage. To load your home onto the MLS, it must also have a "co-operating" fee advertised - only Realtors can see this on the system. It's essential to understand what co-operating fee will be and if it's competitive in the local market.

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What Is The "Real Estate Market" Anyways?

One of the most important things to know about the real estate market is that it's a free and open market. Anyone can offer any piece of property they own for sale any price they want anytime they want. Buyers are free to choose from all the available options and negotiate a transaction. All open markets work this way: the stock exchange, all retail sales, even your local farmers market.

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